Integrated Workforce Planning

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  • What are mission critical jobs/skills in my organization?
  • What is the forecasted headcount growth requirement over a period of next 3 to 5 years?
  • What is the supply-demand gap across major locations across mission critical roles?
  • What are the effective gap minimization strategies that can be implemented across global centers?
  • What is the global availability and cost trends of critical skills?
  • What is the global skill footprint of competitors?
  • What is the optimal organization structure to execute the business strategy?
  • What programs and policies can be implemented for workforce optimization?

Integrated Workforce Planning is a systemic process to ensure that an organization has the right talent at the right location in order to enable innovation and cost optimization.

An effective workforce plan should:-

  • Align to business strategy
  • Proactively identify the changing needs of workforce in the near future, potential gaps and business implications (innovation and cost)
  • Articulate current and future workforce capabilities and bench strength by role, level, skill and geography
  • Take into account a comprehensive global talent strategy and skill set availability
  • Incorporate clear understanding of global peer footprint
  • Identify ‘actionable insights‘ and ‘talent strategies’ required to meet workforce demands driven by predictive analytics
  • Consider processes and changes that will impact the ability to attract and retain key talent

At CEB Talent Neuron, we have developed a comprehensive workforce planning framework to help your organization mitigate risks arising from skill shortages or aging workforce. Our analytics driven solution will help you identify the right talent at the appropriate cost. With over a decade of experience in developing workforce models, our scenario planning and analysis will provide your HR leaders an edge in assessing the long and short-term impact of workforce initiatives. We will assist you in reducing the gap between the current and future needs of the talent and implementing an effective workforce strategy aligned to your business goals.