Workforce Planning toolkit

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In a changing environment, companies are in need of understanding the people implication of its strategy including:

  • What new skills will be required to deliver on our strategy?
  • Do we have the critical talent to achieve our growth plans and to lead us forward?
  • Do we have the right programs and practices in place to attract and retain the talent we need for today and future?

CEB Talent Neuron has developed a Workforce Planning Toolkit that define and address companies most critical talent needs based on business strategies and plans. It enables talent planning right skills at the right location in order to enable innovation and cost optimization.

Text Box: The Workforce Planning Toolkit enables companies to forecast and meet talent needs. It also helps in answering critical growth questions.













Our Workforce Planning Toolkit has been designed to support companies’ business needs and workforce development. It incorporates company internal data and ecosystem trends to provide talent gap optimization analysis and process improvement opportunities. The toolkit comprises the following five components:

  1. Workforce Planning Sample Project Plan:A well-defined sample project plan that helps clients kick start workforce planning initiative.
  2. Identification of Mission Critical Roles:Templates for survey and interviews towards determining mission critical roles (driven by AHP technique and survey monkey at backend).
  3. Survey Analytics: Survey results analysis and insights presentation.
  4. CEB Talent Neuron WFP Module Access:Online module to model supply-demand-gap by job family and assist in buy/build/redesign strategies.
  5. Consulting Support: Defined number of hours to support workforce planning initiative.


With over a decade of experience in providing workforce planning solutions, we have captured all key inputs/assumptions/milestones required for successful workforce plan initiative in Workforce Planning Sample Project Planenabling HR leaders to define scope, customize the plan as per requirements and monitor progress.

CEB Talent Neuron helps in Identifying Mission Critical Rolesthrough surveys and executive interviews. It helps in identifying, capturing and finalizing the key influencing parameters that impact functional criticality and allows the users to customize the survey related to industry and requirement.

We offer the Survey Analytics to determine the criticality of different roles by analyzing the executives’ inputs across spectrum of parameters around job impact and supply, and participants’ responses.

CEB Talent Neuron WFP Module is an intuitive and easy to use platform to view current workforce characteristics and analyze the workforce supply/demand/gap for next 3 to 5 years. It enables scenario planning and analysis that gives HR leaders an edge in assessing the long and short term impact of people actions. The analytics driven module forecasts workforce supply-demand for next 3 – 5 years and helps in identifying gap areas at the right time to mitigate risks arising from workforce shortfall/surplus for mission critical roles and assist you in reducing the gap between the current and future talent needs by suggesting optimal hiring plan, internal movement, skills development, outsourcing, etc.

CEB Talent Neuron also offers a defined number of consulting hours to support the workforce planning initiative. We believe talent management is critical in creating high-performance culture in organizations and with our in-depth knowledge around same, we endeavor to address all talent challenges faced by organizations.

CEB Talent Neuron Toolkit helps your organization to respond faster and strategically to the changing environment. The workforce planning dashboard provides an intuitive and complete display of key metrics, trends and projections. This allows you to focus on the key insights available about the workforce.